We've listened to our customers over the past several months and built an upgrade to RepOne Sensor that we think is going to help make your velocity based training experience with RepOne Sensor better.

First, I should explain what firmware is. Software runs on your phone, firmware runs on your RepOne Sensor. It's what makes the sensors, screen, and microcontroller tick. Just like apps on your phone can be updated to fix bugs or include new features, so can your firmware. RepOne uses a very unique system we custom built that can do this over Bluetooth Low Energy, which means it's fast, simple, and reliable. 

Here's a breakdown of what's included in this new update and a brief description of each.

  1. Tilt 'buttons'
    • RepOne Sensor is getting buttons! Except even better, because they can't break. Instead of opting to use our capacitive buttons on the top surface of the device, which can be kind of a hassle to tap, all you need to do is tilt to the right to look at later reps, or tilt to the left to look at previous reps. It's that simple!
  2. Fix 'time_waiting' value in previous firmware version
    • 'time_waiting' is a variable that keeps track of how much time you spend, per rep, below a certain speed. It's important, because during an unrack, re-rack, bracing, walkout, pause, hold, etc., there are a couple of scenarios where, due to RepOne's precision, it might think you've started a rep. If it does, it'll start counting time, and factor that into your average concentric velocity. For example, if you're pausing on the chest and begin the press without the bar moving back down even a fraction of a millimeter, you've just spent time during the rep that you don't want to include in your ACV. Due to the above mentioned increased precision of RepOne as compared to OpenBarbell, this value needs to be changed to in these fringe scenarios, we can more accurately track ACV.
  3. Battery fuel gauge functionality
    • Battery percentage can be easily taken for granted, but it doesn't come for free. We built a special chip into RepOne for this specific purpose and have activated it in this version of firmware.
  4. Concentric-first ACV detection
    • This is a forward-thinking feature that we'll be testing with live in your device. In the background, RepOne will use some intelligence to figure out if you're doing a lift where the concentric phase is first, or last. Think of deadlift or overhead press (first) vs bench or squat (last). Once this feature is thoroughly field tested, we'll have the confidence to launch some really cool features specific to each type of lift.
  5. StrengthOS specific - last connected station number on boot-up
    • This is a teams request we learned post-launch. With multiple RepOne training stations set up, if you remove a RepOne Sensor from your weight-room floor it can be confusing to figure out where it was last connected. To prevent the time of re-connecting each sensor to each tablet, RepOne will display the last connected station number when it's turned on.
  6. Low power mode
    • Rather than just die, or show a funky fuzzy screen, the new firmware will display a low power screen below about 3% and will put itself into deep sleep. It'll do this until it's charged back up above 3%.
  7. Power state changes
    • We tweaked the power states to save battery when RepOne Sensor isn't in use. We also built in a user-specified option to shut completely down after a certain amount of time not in use, so if you forget to turn your RepOne Sensor off, it won't die. This requires a manual power cycle (switch it off, then on) to use RepOne Sensor again. This option will be available in the RepOne Personal app and StrengthOS soon, as well as the option to set exactly how long it should take to power down into this state.
  8. Reps are remembered between shutdowns
    • In this version of firmware, a shutdown never clears reps on the RepOne Sensor display. Reps are cleared via right-tilt. 
  9. Minimum rep range of motion settable from app
    • This was a very highly requested feature. We built into the firmware the ability to change what RepOne Sensor considers a rep. In a future app update, you'll be able to modify this so athletes with a short ROM on bench, or any other lift, can set it shorter. And if you're worried about it detecting an unrack for your squat, you can set it back in a couple taps.
  10. 3D diagnostic data
    • With the above mentioned basic features implemented, we've entered the phase of moving 3D into production in the next firmware version. In preparation for the launch, we've enabled large chunks of it and will be collecting data that we can use to get us ready.
  11. Various bug fixes