We built RepOne Sensor tough, and have improved consistently since launch, but it lives underneath and alongside heavy things so we understand if something goes wrong. That's why within a year of ordering, as long as we don't see any signs of deliberate abuse, we'll repair your device free of charge. Just send us a support email and we'll either help diagnose a self-repair or start the process to get your device repaired by a trained member of our staff. At the moment of this writing, every repair goes through the CEO's office (hey it's me, Jordan), who designed every component. So you know it's in good hands.

Repairs typically take two to four weeks since we receive them to be shipped back out to customers. You can expect a similar timeline for orders returned to sender. This can be for several reasons, for example, we might need to wait on parts, the issue might be too complex for our techs and I'll need to step in personally, or simply due to limited hours and a small team. Fulfillment is also a separate process and repairs are typically set aside for future fulfillment. The good news is we recently added a position whose job is to repair orders as a first priority before any other task, which is bringing our repair times much lower. It's still safe to assume a two to four-week window of repair.

If you live in the US we can send a repair label to you directly through Shopify. Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't support the creation of international return labels. If you're sending us a repair within 60 days we can reimburse you for the cost of the international return label, any later than that and your order is archived and we can no longer reimburse return shipping. Either way, please coordinate with us so your return label complies with our reimbursement policy and so it doesn't incur unnecessary import fees, and related delays.