Setting up a RepOne sensor for the first time is extremely simple, just follow these basic steps:

1. Turn on the sensor

Locate the switch on the bottom of the unit and turn it to the ON position, indicated by a "+" sign.

Unit not turning on or behaving as though the battery is low? Make sure to charge it using the included charging cable, as not all chargers are compatible.

2. Connect to the RepOne Personal app

Open the RepOne Personal app and go to the "Settings" tab. You'll see a list of RepOne device numbers, with yours present. Tap your device number to connect to it.

If you don't already have the app, search for RepOne Personal in your respective app store.

Having trouble with the app disconnecting? Most smartphones background apps when multitasking, clearing memory, and disconnecting Bluetooth connections. The exception to this is for streaming music, which uses a 'lossy' Bluetooth protocol and can maintain a connection in the background. Disconnects can happen if you open the camera app to record video while trying to measure velocity. That's why we built a camera feature directly into RepOne Personal. 

If you're experiencing disconnects and aren't app-switching, please send us an email with your phone model and OS version and we'll work on fixing that ASAP. Even if you do disconnect, RepOne Personal has fast auto-reconnect to help ensure you don't lose data.

3. Tether to your target object

Place the magnetic base of the sensor on a metal object on the ground, like a plate or a rack. Take the tether and connect it to the barbell or other object you will be tracking using the included strap, or the roller magnet accessory if you have one. If you're doing deadlifts or olympic lifts, use the included rubber strap and a 2.5 lb plate to keep RepOne Sensor from detaching and flying around the platform.

4. Work out!

Head to the "Workout" tab of the app and begin to lift, you will see sets automatically created, which you can then fill in with set data like exercise name, load, etc. Remember to turn off your unit between sessions to conserve battery life.